At Allercombe Farm, Rattery we rear cattle with a high regard to animal welfare and quality of produce. We specialise in Dexter beef, known for its rich and unique flavour. Our meat products are available for purchase at the farm and delivered locally.  To order Email Enable JavaScript to view protected content.or ring mobile 07496 671133.

Pedigree Dexter Beef

Fillet Steak £50.00 per kg
Rib Eye Steak £32.00 per kg
Sirloin Steak £36.00 per kg
Rump Steak £25.00 per kg
Flat Iron Steak £22.00 per kg
Hanger Steak £20.00 per kg
Topside £15.95 per kg
Silverside £14.95 per kg
Rolled Sirloin £32.00 per kg
Rib Roast £25.00 per kg
Brisket £12.95 per kg
Diced Steak £12.00 per kg
Shin £11.95 per kg
Mince £11.50 per kg
Skirt £15.95 per kg
Short Rib £9.50 per kg
Oxtail £14.00 per kg
Cheek £18.00 per kg
Heart £8.45 per kg
Sausages £11.95 per kg
Kidney £8.45 per kg

All are subject to availability. May be fresh or freshly frozen

Collection and Delivery

You are welcome to visit our farm to collect meat products, but it is recommended that you phone us first.  For up to 5 miles beyond Rattery delivery is free with a minimum spend of £30.  (Please contact us if you require delivery further away).

To minimise person-to-person contact, we are avoiding cash whenever possible.  Payment by bank transfer (BACS) is preferred. We will give you the information you'll need for this over the telephone.

Thank you for supporting Allercombe Farm, Rattery.

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